How Do I Report Animal Cruelty In Chicago? 

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We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and we have licensed, trained Animal Cruelty Investigators available for service. Anderson Animal Shelter is in a position to evaluate dogs that we are saving, as we are a foster-based program.    Show Source Texts

The law allows officers, Animal Control officers, and investigators with the Illinois Department of Agriculture to use any reasonable means of accessing the vehicle in order to protect an animal, once they have attempted to contact the owner. Law enforcement officers are required to attempt to contact the owner and obtain immediate medical treatment for the animal.    Show Source Texts

Until the final disposition of charges is made, any law enforcement officer, Animal Control Officer, Department of Agriculture investigator, or approved humane investigator can, under an order from a court, be authorized to regularly visit a location where the animal or animals are being kept to determine whether the animals or animals are receiving necessary food, water, shelter, and care. Any veterinarian in this State who witnesses or is presented with an animal or animals being treated for severe abuse pursuant to Section 3.02 or torture pursuant to Section 3.03 of this Act shall make a report to the Department, and shall cooperate with the Department by providing the owners name, the date the animal or animals were received, and any treatments administered, and a description of the animal or animals involved, including the number of the microchip, if applicable. If you make a report regarding an alleged incident of cruelty of animals, it is required that a responding agency conduct an investigation.    Show Source Texts

You can decide to make your report of animal cruelty anonymously, although doing so can impede an investigation. You also may choose to include contact information, including a telephone number and email address, although you have the option of reporting animal abuse anonymously. Upload images to build your case, and include contact information so authorities can return to you regarding your animal abuse report in Illinois.    Show Source Texts

Once you file your Illinois Animal Abuse Report, the officers or staff at the shelter take it from there. One of the ways you can report an Illinois animal abuse is by reaching out to the shelters in your area. You may also want to contact your local law enforcement department if you have seen any incidents of animal abuse in Illinois.    Show Source Texts

While you can report cases of animal abuse to your local authorities, like the nearest animal shelter or animal control, the fastest way to report an animal abuse in Illinois is to use DoNotPay. While every animal lover is responsible for reporting animal abuse if suspected, it can also take a lot of time tracking down a local animal shelter or animal control agency. If you have witnessed suspected animal abuse, contact the local animal control agency ASAP, or call 9-1-1 if you are not familiar with the local organizations.    Show Source Texts

Contact the local animal control agency immediately if you see a pet at a shelter that is not adequately cared for, and record the incident using your cellphone camera, if you can. If you see or hear an animal who appears to be being mistreated, mistreated, or neglected, talk with the animal control office of the local municipality or county. If you suspect that anyone is abusing or neglecting animals, contact the animal-related enforcement agency in the place where you think abuse is occurring.    Show Source Texts

If you live in New York City and wish to report suspected animal abuse or neglect, please call 311 or, for crimes in progress, dial 9-1-1. If you see or suspect animal neglect or other forms of cruelty, please report to Frederick County Animal Control (301-600-1544 or 301-600-2558 after hours) or call 911. If possible, warn the owner about the animals conditions and notify the local authorities of suspected neglect ASAP.    Show Source Texts

If there is no appropriate animal control facility in your local area, and if your local authorities are unequipped to handle an animal cruelty incident, you may also want to e-mail or call The Humane Society of the United States and request a consultation with one of our experts regarding suspected mistreatment. If you are not sure whom to contact, you can ask your local police or animal control office to find out, or you can consult other online resources, like If you need assistance with an injured wildlife, use the Society for Anti-Crueltys online self-service, or call 426-412-4040.    Show Source Texts

The Anti-Cruelty Society relies on our volunteers to help care for animals in need. With a mission of building communities of care through helping pets and educating people, The Anti-Cruelty Societys programs and holistic services reach more than 50,000 animals and people each year. The Romeoville Humane Society provides resources and information for the community on proper care and training for pets, how to recognize and report animal cruelty, how to help prevent animal overpopulation, and they will assist in the recovery of lost pets.    Show Source Texts

Naperville Area Humane Society The Naperville Area Humane Society is a limited-admissions, 501(c) 3 non-profit animal shelter providing adoption, foster care, and owner surrender of dogs and cats serving the western suburbs of Chicago. Chicago Animal Care & Control CACC is committed to protecting public safety and providing humane care to animals through animal sheltering, pet placement, education, and enforcement of animal laws. You can report incidents of animal neglect, abuse, or mistreatment anonymously to Peoria County Animal Protective Services (PCAPS).    Show Source Texts

We have seen in multiple cases where the animal owners were not able to get in contact with the animals for feeding and grooming, and then found out they were charged with Animal Abuse. Animal neglect occurs when an owner or the person responsible for caring for the animals does not properly feed, water, and shelter the animals. Neglect, or the failure to provide the animals basic needs, makes up the overwhelming majority of animal cruelty cases to which Animal Control officers respond.    Show Source Texts

The reason why the majority of individuals abusing animals are not caught is a lack of evidence proving the cruelty/neglect, and the fact that the individual witnessing the abuse is unable to come forward in court. Ultimately, whether or not someone has committed an animal cruelty action depends on thorough investigation by appropriate authorities. What you consider to rescue the animal may result in your being charged with trespass, theft, or another offense, and may harm the case against an alleged abuser.    Show Source Texts

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