What is a good reason to call animal control? 

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Animal Control also provides community outreach presentations on our Department and our services, tours of Wichita Animal shelters, and a Officers Ride Along Program. Metro Animal Care and Control also provides care to numerous animals each year who are victims of cruelty and neglect.    Show Source Texts

Metro Animal Care and Control is committed to the prevention of animal abuse and enforcement of cruelty laws. Metro Animal Care and Control employees are often first responders at scenes where there might be evidence of animal cruelty.    Show Source Texts

Animal cruelty investigators consider all reports of cruelty or neglect, and further investigate suspected cases where there is legal evidence of cruelty or neglect. The NC Department of Justice does not investigate or prosecute cases of animal cruelty, but depending on the details of a complaint, the local Animal Control Office, the local sheriff, or the NC Department of Agriculture may be authorized to take action.    Show Source Texts

If our office determines that there has been animal cruelty, our office will forward the complaint to the proper authorities. If the animal controlA services in your area feel your complaint has merit, they can then issue an alert to the offending animals owner. Reporting the animal owner to Animal Control would lead agency officers to contact the animals owner.    Show Source Texts

If an officer believes that your concerns are valid, an officer will contact the neighbor and alert them. After calling Animal Control, make noise complaints against the neighbors and their dogs. Noisy neighbors can be frustrating, but rather than filing a complaint or calling animal control immediately, you should try some other, more peaceful methods to resolve the issue.    Show Source Texts

Sometimes, a neighbors animals can cause disruptions or problems, and by trying to address the issue through cause-and-effect methods, without engaging appropriate law enforcement, you can later decide to act on your neighbors. You must be able to capture your neighbor and/or his/her animals in action regarding any of what is happening. Of course, you cannot simply call the neighbors Animal Control number immediately, especially with cases that require an investigation.    Show Source Texts

When reporting situations like this to authorities, know that they will be visiting the animals owners first. The best you can do is to report your suspicions of abuse or neglect to the proper law enforcement agency in your area. If you suspect that someone is abusing or neglecting animals, contact the animal-related law enforcement agency in the place where you think abuse is occurring.    Show Source Texts

If the appropriate animal protection agencies are missing in your local area, and if local authorities are unequipped to handle cases of animal abuse, you may also wish to contact us. If you witness suspected animal abuse, contact the animal authorities in your area immediately, or dial 9-1-1 if you are not familiar with local organizations. If a direct conversation with the dogs owners in the immediate area of your home is not successful, you may have no option but to contact your local animal control agency.    Show Source Texts

If you cannot locate the owners immediately, do not be afraid to call the local authorities, detailing where you are located, as well as the make, model, and license plate numbers of any vehicles in which pets left behind are inside. If you believe that the deceased animal has ended up in your property — either the neighbors cat or dog died in your yard, or died with no sign of the owner, ask the Animal Control department for assistance in getting them removed. If possible, warn the property owner about the animals conditions, and notify the local authorities as soon as possible about suspected neglect.    Show Source Texts

If an animals caregiver is uncontactable, or you suspect that the animal is suffering from mistreatment as well as neglect, notify law enforcement, your local humane society, or the local SPCA (whichever is appropriate in your area) about the situation. If you see a dog in your community who is known for being violent roaming around unleashed, or maybe you have witnessed a violent dog attack, you should immediately call Animal Control. If you live in New York and wish to report suspected animal abuse or neglect, contact 311 or, for crimes in progress, dial 911.    Show Source Texts

For complaints of animal bites, aggressive animals, injured or sick animals, animal abuse, neglect, or cruelty, or a public safety hazard related to animals, contact the Seattle Animal Shelter Call Center directly at (206) 386-7387; or view our hours and days of operations. If you witness an animal cruelty incident, please call 3-1-1 to file a detailed report including the number of your phone callback, so that Animal Care Services can obtain additional information, as necessary. Animal Care Services depends on good neighbors to report acts of cruelty.    Show Source Texts

Neglect, or the failure to provide an animals basic needs, makes up the vast majority of animal cruelty cases animal control officers respond to. Animal cruelty does not need to take the form of violence; negligence toward an animal is considered mistreatment and can merit attention from authorities. Ultimately, whether or not someone has committed an animal cruelty action depends on the thorough investigation of the relevant authorities.    Show Source Texts

Animal neglect or cruelty of animals generally must be reported to authorities, particularly when done intentionally, as this causes distress to a poor living being. Animal control does so in order to prevent costs and suffering caused to human beings as well as to animal pets, either directly or indirectly, by the animals biting or by the negligence of the basic animal care obligations that are appropriate. While we will not take healthy wild animals, such as trapped cats, monkeys, or chickens, to euthanize for the purposes of population control, we will provide healthcare to any species of injured animal.    Show Source Texts

The best choice to deal with an ongoing, or dangerous, dog, loudly crying cock at dawn, or cat that is repeatedly trespassing on your property is to speak with the neighbor responsible for the offending animal, non-confrontationally.    Show Source Texts

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