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We are a Chicago based animal control company providing residental removal of nuisance wildlife species in the Chicago area.

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We are a wildlife nuisance removal company operating in the Chicago inner city area and surrounding neighborhoods. We offer permanent solutions such as proofing or population removal for most the common nuisance wildlife species that your local animal control is simply not by job description in the business of handling. We help you to reclaim areas in your home back from wildlife that have turned your home into theirs.

 wildlife in urban areas

World population just surpassed 8 billion. Man has always infringed upon nature and wildlife for more places to live. Wildlfe animals adapt to their habitat and often that habitat is now mans domicile. When that barrier between man and animals is blurred a company specializing in the removal of wildlife is the solution over your cities cat and dog animal control services,  which do not deal in wildlife specialties.

 wildlife concerns involving pets

Many animals that are capable of tearing into your home can also cause harm to your pets and even worse animal dander from wildlife that get into your home can cause sickness. Animal dander as well as attic insulation that is displaced by animals and wildlife can cause not only health problems but energy waste concerns which can be both an influence on quality of life as not hiring the proper professional nuisance wildlife control operator to handle your animal problem.

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We specialize in wildlife animal removal services for residential properties and apartment buildings in all of Chicago’s neighborhoods. We provide proofing services and exclusion removal services involving colonies of animals and wildlife.

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Entrust yourself to our professional removal services targeting pest animals.  We have over 15 years experience in providing nuisance wildlife removal services to the Chicagoland area.  Involving wildlife animals and pest concern we get the job done right the first time.

Services Provided

  • wildldife exclusion.
  • wildlife removal.
  • widllife dander cleanup.
  • dead animal removal services.

Removal of nuisance species in or around your residential property.

  • Bees
  • wasps
  • squirrels
  • alligators
  • armadillos
  • beavers
  • birds
  • bobcats
  • dead animals
  • mice
  • rats
  • opossums
  • raccoons
  • snakes,

Bees, wasps, squirrels, alligators, armadillos, beavers, birds, bobcats, dead animals, mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, snakes, and almost any other wildlife animals you can think of will be eradicated and captured by our expert animal and pest professionals.
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We provide services related to the management of wildlife. The vast majority of urban areas do not offer wildlife services or removal of wildlife that causes a nuisance.
Please refrain from calling with concerns regarding your domestic animals such as DOG or CAT. Call animal services as they are the proper faculty set up to deal with these.

Nuisance Wildlife Reclamation is able to remove a wide variety of animals, including but not limited to rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, and bats. You can find out more about the diverse range of wildlife that make their home in your home by giving us a call.

The removal of an animal that is a nuisance is only half the battle. Through our animal exclusion service, we at Nuisance Wildlife Reclamation ensure that unwanted animals will not return to your property.

It’s not a good sign when a family of rats, mice, bats, opossums, or any other kind of animal decides to make their home in your attic. Bad things can happen. By using our Professional Attic Restoration Service, Nuisance Wildlife Reclamation can make your attic look and function better than it did when it was first built. To find out more, please click here…


areas restored

  • attic insulation
  • soffit damage
  • vent area damage
  • garage exclusions

Call the following number to report any wildlife problem, such as a lost baby animal or a dead animal:
www.nuisancewildlifereclamation is a wildlife control company that offers a comprehensive range of services, and it serves the Chicago urban area and the surrounding communities. We are experts in the mitigation of wildlife-caused property damage for both residential and commercial clients in urban and suburban settings. We resolve conflicts between people and wildlife in a way that is both humane and professional, and we handle nearly all aspects of wildlife control inside and around the home. Simply give us a call at and we will discuss your wildlife problem and set up an appointment to solve it. If you need wildlife pest control in Chicago, we are the company to call.

We offer animal proofing control and removal services to the Chicago Metropolitan area including its neighborhoods.

 areas serviced

  • Chicago major neighboorhoods.
  • Chicago inner city.
  • Chicagoland.

Your Trusted Source for Animal Removal in Chicago!

nuisance wildlife reclamation is a company that provides animal removal services throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. We provide humane and safe animal removal of urban wildlife that causes problems, as well as exclusions and attic restoration services. Our procedures are risk-free for you and your loved ones, and we put our products through stringent quality checks to guarantee that your house will remain free of unwanted visitors.

Because we have such a soft spot in our hearts for all animals and critters alike, we make it a priority to ensure that young animals in need of care are rehabilitated in urban area centers before being released into more natural settings.

Please click the link below to find out more about how nuisance wildlife reclamation l can assist you in reclamation of any property of all issues pertaining to these animals.

Nuisance Wildlife in and Around the Home

Regular inspection of your home for signs of animal intrusion is another essential practice. Rustling, scratching and scurrying noises could indicate animal presence as could gnawed plants or holes in the side of the house – as are gnawed plants or holes on its side wall. Older homes tend to be more vulnerable due to softer wood construction which makes them susceptible to wildlife intrusion; we have successfully found and removed many squirrels, raccoons and birds from crawl spaces under pier and beam foundations or mobile homes.

Raccoon Removal
One of the most common nuisance animals to control in Chicago are raccoons. Raccoons are known for their mischievous behavior, which can result in significant property damage. These type of animal are able to access the attic and rip apart the insulation as well as the wiring, which may result in water damage to the interior of your home. In their quest for food or entry into a building, they are also capable of tearing off roof shingles, ripping down gutters and soffits, and pulling apart window screens and doors. Raccoons will construct their dens in areas that provide both a source of water and food for them to consume, such as areas with garbage cans or dumpsters nearby.

Rehabilitating invasive species of wildlife Raccoon is a process that can be completed rapidly by professionals who have been trained to deal with animal issues of this nature involving wildlife. Don’t be shy about giving us a ring if you’re having trouble with removing raccoons from your property!

The Control of Bats
Bats around your property can create a mess and can be dangerous. Bats in the attic are one of the most common wildlife problems that homeowners face, which is why it is essential to remove bats from your attic as quickly as is humanly possible.

Removal of bats is essential in many different situations in the Chicago area. To begin, just like any other kind of animal, bats are capable of harboring dangerous diseases that can be passed on from one individual bat to another. Second, bat guano, which is another name for bat droppings, can be harmful to your household animal pets and other members of your family if they come into contact with it. When inhaled for an extended period of time or when the concentration levels are high enough, these fumes can be harmful to one’s health if inhaled.

The last thing you want is for a colony of bats to take up residence in your attic. If you want the bats removed from your home, we will do so in an effective and humane manner, and we will also seal off any openings that the bats could have used to get in there in the first place.

To get a bat removal service today, please give our wildlife animal removal experts a call.

Squirrel Removal
Squirrels are notoriously difficult animals to exterminate. They are cunning and can find their way into your home through a variety of entry points, such as climbing up the chimney or even gaining access to the roof by leaping from a tree branch to the roof gutter.

There have been reports of squirrels chewing on electrical wires and entering buildings through small holes in the roofs or walls. This can lead to structural damage as the squirrels also gnaw on wooden beams and joists while also chewing wires inside the walls. Squirrels have the potential to have unobstructed access to your roof if their nests are located in the attic of your home. They will chew holes through the shingles and cause damage to the house that will result in water entering the house as a result of the high winds.

Removal of squirrels is essential in the event that there is an infestation of squirrels. In the event that squirrels find their way into a home or commercial building in Phoenix, it is imperative to seek the assistance of a professional as soon as possible because the situation is only likely to worsen if it is not addressed immediately.

Regulation of Birds
When birds choose to roost on your property, it can become a significant nuisance for you. Birds can be a nuisance for any kind of business, whether it’s because of their droppings or their nests. Bird droppings have the potential to cause both health problems and damage to structures.

Bird droppings are both acidic and corrosive, and they have the potential to damage a wide variety of building materials. They are known to carry diseases, bacteria, and fungi, which can be passed on to you or other members of your family if they come into contact with droppings that the animals have left behind. They also frequently build nests inside vents, which causes the vent system to become clogged and restricts airflow, resulting in lower temperatures (talk about driving up your heating and cooling bills).

Your issue with birds will be dealt with effectively and efficiently by the experts at Nuisance Wildlife Reclamation.
Our primary focus is on wild animals.

frequently asked questions

How would you manage the creatures whenever they are caught?
This depends most importantly on the state regulations in regards to natural life ownership and transport for natural life control catchers. We will comply with the law first. The destiny of the creature might have to do with the species. Certain rabies vectors in specific states should be euthanized (killed) by regulation. A few safeguarded creatures can’t be badgering by any means. We plan to do the accommodating thing. Assuming the creature is sound and it’s lawful to move it, that is the choice we generally like. Assuming the creature is harmed or debilitated, it’s occasionally best to altruistically euthanize it. Generally, we plan to keep the client informed about the correct thing to do.
Might the city or province at any point deal with the issue free of charge?
No. Government creature control, like city or area creature administrations, just arrangement with homegrown creatures – canines and felines. This incorporates things like chomp reports, pet maltreatment grievances, yapping or hazardous canines, and so on. The facts confirm that specific taxpayer driven organizations have been often used to assist with select untamed life cases, yet they didn’t perform genuine expert natural life control. For instance, in the event that you had a raccoon in your loft, the province could loan you an enclosure trap to put on the ground, then get the raccoon and trap whenever it’s gotten. They wouldn’t examine the storage room, they wouldn’t educate you concerning the channels that were torn open, they wouldn’t eliminate the litter of child raccoons manually, they wouldn’t set an expert kind snare on the rooftop close to the passage opening, they wouldn’t seal the opening shut after the raccoons were taken out, they wouldn’t distinguish weak regions on the rooftop and do safeguard fixing, they wouldn’t perfect the raccoon squander, and so forth. Natural life control is an intricate and particular field requiring a ton of work and commitment. Regardless of whether the province creature administrations were able to assist with natural life issues, they wouldn’t do near a total work. Notwithstanding, the city/area won’t help, and natural life control is presently in the possession of the confidential nuisance control area, and hence administration has definitely gotten to the next level!
Mightn’t my normal bug guy control organization deal with this?
More likely than not – bug control organizations regularly treat for bugs, and use poison control techniques to do as such. They generally shower poison on the yard or house, and charge for month to month or quarterly support. They utilize similar strategies – harms – when they attempt to control mice and rodents (this is a Terrible AND Insufficient methodology) and even have been known to wrongfully attempt to utilize harms on different creatures, like bats. Untamed life control, of huge creatures like squirrels or raccoons is totally not quite the same as bug bother control and ought to be managed simply by an expert disturbance natural life catcher who has broad experience managing wild creatures. You can’t utilize an enchanted splash or gadget to dispose of an enormous vertebrate – it includes involved expulsion of creatures, not a basic shower arrangement. In the event that you really do call your ordinary exterminator to deal with an untamed life issue, be careful – they might suggest a messy organization who gives them a money payoff. Do your own exploration while recruiting a natural life proficient.

Chicago wildlife control and removal

 Proper removal of a wild animal from a chimney.  It is not uncommon for homeowners to heare noises coming from the chiminey at some point or another.  Many animals vacate as soon as babies are old enough if your goal is humane.  If you want the problem immediately removed,  calling a nuisance wildlife control operator specializing in the wide range of established methods at nuisance wildlife removal.  The two common conditions include: a wild animal particularly is caught in the chimney or a raccoon has decided to use your chimney as a den. Regardless of the situation it is very important to ensure that the proper measures are undertaken to remove them from the chimney. You should not in any circumstance attempt to burn or smoke the animals out of the chimney. Most wild animals often mistake the chimneys for habitat and so they don’t have any clue that they’re invading your domicile. You are therefore required to establish the rationale why the wild animals are trapped in your chimney before developing a removal plan with your local nuisance wildlife control operator service for the most efficient way to evacuate them.  Chicago animal control while certainly able to answer questions regarding the best course of action is not equipped to handle most wildlife concerns.
How to remove raccoons from the chimneys It is the most common occurrence within the chimneys particularly during the summer season and the spring seasons. If this is the case, you will hear most movements particularly through the day and the sounds of the raccoon babies from inside the den.There is no reason for panic as a result of in this scenario the wild animals will always make they’re way out of the chimney when the cubs are just barely old enough to depend on themselves. The length of time spent in these dens varies relying on the kind of animal that has discovered shelter in your chimney whereby others could take longer than anticipated to move out. To evict them, you ought to use sure cof approved methods for protected species and other that can make sure that all the occupants of your chimney escape unharmed or handled properly by an NWCO.  Mothers at all times prefer darkset locations which are quiet and unlikely to attract predators. You can create opposite situations to make your chimney unattractive to be a habitat and the raccoon can be driven out as quickly in many cases.
Here are a few of the strategies that you can apply so as to drive out the raccoons and the most effective time to carry out such an operation is just before dusk as a outcome of moms won’t ever threat transferring their young ones in broad daylight because of security causes. Use the most effective deterrents just before nightfall and make positive that they will aid in driving the out the wildlife in your chimney.  When this is done you presumably can come up with a slight destruction for instance that may disrupt their peace at night. You can put a radio in the hearth and tune to some rock or rap music. You need to be patient if humane is your goal and give them time as they evacuate the chimney. When they depart the chimney animal smells remain attracting more or even the same wildlife.  Nuisance wildlife control operators offer complete services proofing and proper repair to prevent future invasion.  Chicago NWCOS can take away them for you, with special tools and methods.
Snakes inside chimneys?
Can a snake get caught in there? Not entirely common as they prefer the underside of stoops and are generally found gaining other entry points into your home.
Bats commonly live in Chimneys and attics.  They can fly out and in at dusk.  Bats often have two locations or dens and often live in community broods inside your home.  Most bats are protected species and instead of calling your local Animal care and control it is neccessary to emplore the services of your local nuisance wildlife control operator.

Do NWCO’S Pick Up Dogs and Cats like animal control does?

Professional wildlife control operators (NWCOs) specialize in eliminating nuisance animals like raccoons in attics, groundhogs burrowing beneath porches and squirrels chewing wires as well as any wildlife damage they cause. NWCOs may also remove other forms of wildlife damage.

NWCO work is also subject to strict regulation, similar to trapping for fur; however, different laws may apply depending on your task.

NWCO’s are the only companies that are licensed to remove protected species like most birds that are known to get into your home.  Regarding protected species as a home owner even the nest is protected requiring the services of a NWCO servicing your area.

NWCOs don’t limit themselves to specific species or seasons like trappers and hunters do.

What Services Do Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Provide?

Nuisance wildlife control operators (NWCO) specialize in alleviating problems related to human/wildlife conflicts, including property damage caused by wild animals (raccoons or squirrels in sheds or attics, for instance) as well as bites or contact from wildlife, which NWCOs work tirelessly to resolve. Strategies employed by NWCOs might include harassment, one-way doors and trapping.

New York requires that any nuisance wildlife control operator (NWCO) hold a license from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).   Chicago NWCO’s are licenced by the DNR.  A permit allows an NWCO to capture, temporarily possess and relocate specific nuisance species of wildlife throughout any year without restrictions placed upon any specific species or time period.

NWCOs help people understand this concept and find ways to coexist with wildlife; for example by teaching how to minimize wildlife impacts by eliminating attractants such as feeding birds or modifying buildings to prevent access by animals.

Do Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Provide Dead Animal Removal Services?

Many nuisance animal problems can be resolved through human action such as taking steps such as taking down bird feeders or installing deer grates, as well as via trapping, poisons, repellents and habitat modification techniques. Wildlife control operators use all these strategies and more in order to effectively resolve conflicts between wildlife and people.

Animal damage control typically does not involve the capture or dispatch of wild animals unless they pose a direct risk to public safety or health, so if a person spots raccoons in their attic or fox dens, they would call a pest control company for help instead of their local Animal Control Department.

PCOs may see opportunities in nuisance wildlife control as an avenue to make some extra cash, and decide to pursue this avenue of business. Unfortunately, jumping in without first receiving proper training could land them in legal and financial trouble; licensing processes vary from state to state as well.

Do Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Relocate Nuisance Animals?

Wild animals such as raccoons, bats, squirrels and groundhogs can become nuisances when they damage property and create safety and health concerns. Furthermore, these wild animals carry diseases and parasites which could pose risks to people as well as pets.

NWCOs must follow certain protocols when dealing with wildlife. For instance, if bats are found roosting or rearing young in your attic during summer months, it’s recommended that they wait until fall when bats migrate south for hibernation sites before making any decisions on how best to deal with the situation.

Relocating species that could carry rabies (such as raccoons, skunks and foxes) is illegal as this could spread the disease into new regions. NWCOs may only relocate an animal back into its home range on private property owned by or under control of an owner/controller.

If you have nuisance wildlife on your property, the best course of action is to contact a licensed professional or remove it yourself during hunting and trapping seasons. All attractants such as bushes and brush used as shelter by wildlife must be removed, while different hazing methods must be utilized so as to not desensitize animals over time.

Is Chicago a typical place for wildlife problems inside homes?

Chicago is close to lake Michigan, and naturally our chilly climate means that wildlife activity slows down in the winter months, squirrels and rats however are still very productive throughout this time causing 30,000 house fires in america anually.  Raccoons often show up through the summer months along with skunks, groundhogs, moles, and bats.  Bats gain entry into your home through spaces the size of a matchbook and moles and groundhogs can destroy your yard in many suburban communities.  Skunks can and often inhabit the prior dens of any other animals that have been removed or raccoons that have reared young.

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